Triplex Plunger High Pressure Water Pumps VM-32


TRII-PLEX VM-32 series of Ultra-high Pressure Water Pumps are rated working pressure up to 500bar/7252 PSI & Volume of upto 110L/min. With Triplex Plunger Cooling System.
Trii-plex Jettech Systems are Suppliers; Manufacturers of High Pressure Reciprocating Triplex Plunger Pumps as per client requirement of Flow Rate & Pressure. We serve in many Industries wise applications like Sugar Plant (Refinery), Power Plants, Cement Plant, Tank Manufacturers, Tire & Rubber, Ocean Platform, Oil Field, Petrochemical, Automobile, Ship Industry, Steel Structure Industry, Aerospace, Automobiles, etc.

Applications for Ultra Triplex Plunger Pressure Pump are:

  • Water cleaning for some building surface
  • High Pressure Hydrostatic Test of Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Tubes, Cross country pipelines
  • High pressure water blasting
  • Many area industrial cleaning purpose, heat exchanger tube cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, pipe cleaning, reactor tank cleaning, ACC Tube Cleaning, APH Basket & Tubes Cleaning, filter screen cleaning, boil cleaning, tank cleaning, etc.
  • Cement plant pipe cleaning, grease remove from the equipment surface, fouling layer removal
  • Shipyard rust removal, paint removal, ship hull cleaning, boat surface cleaning, dirt removal, sea creatures remove from the hull bottom
  • Hydro Jetting Services
  • High pressure water cleaning vessel
  • Surface cleaning, Pipe / Tank cleaning, Tube Bundles Cleaning
  • Pipe /Tank cleaning, Tube Bundles Cleaning
  • Textile Industrial Work for Humidification
  • Pharmaceutical factory and concrete removal and roughening
  • Remove sand, oil, rust, colloid, paint and dirty stuff of castings
  • Remove bread crust in rotary kiln of cement plant

Technical Data:

Model No: VM-32

Flow Rate: 110 L/Min (29.05 GPM)

Min. Pressure: 350 BAR (5076 PSI)

Max. Pressure: 500 BAR (7252 PSI)

Elec. Motor: 100HP ~ 150HP (Standard / Flameproof)

Accessories we supply with Water Blasting Systems:

  • Triplex Plunger Bare Pump (Optional available Plunger Cooling System)
  • Electric Motor (Standard / Flameproof)
  • Diesel Engine (Optional)
  • Platform (Base frame / Movable Trolley mounted)
  • Pressure Gauge (Glycerin Field)
  • Unloader Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Heavy Duty Filter (Strainer)
  • Electric Control Panel (Standard / Flameproof)
  • Trigger Operated Dump Gun (Optional)
  • High Pressure Hyd. Rubber Hose – 10 Mtrs (Extra as per client req.)
  • Low Pressure Suction & Bypass hose
  • Cleaning Nozzles, Tube Cleaning Nozzles, Tornado Nozzles,
  • Flexible Lances Hose for Tube Cleaning (Imported)
  • Rigid Lances – 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm

Advantages for High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump:

This pump can change flow by different diameter of plunger Can adjust work pressure to make high pressure The renewal of plunger and packing is simple and quick