1. Customer is required to informing for commissioning by E-mail with the all necessary details, with site responsible person.
  2. For Commissioning Purpose, You have to arrange required Power connection & Sufficient Water Supply at your end. After readiness of these necessary segments from your end, we are able to appoint our engineer for your site.
  3. In case the customer has sent us written confirmation that the site is ready for commissioning and if site not be ready when our engineer / technician reaches at site, then an amount of  5,000/- per day (GST 18% extra)shall be charged extra for wrong information provided. Please note that this would be applicable even when it is a case of free commissioning.
  4. Trii-plex Jettech will depute an engineer for onsite commissioning within 3 to 10 days depending upon the availability of tickets within our budget for each order. If a customer requires engineer / technician on priority, then they can arrange tickets from their end on pre-paid basis.
  5. In case any documents are required for the formalities such as gate pass etc. of our engineer / technician, a prior intimation from the customer is necessary to avoid delays at the time of entry.
  6. Scope of commissioning shall only include training of working and maintenance of the items provided by us. We shall provide One day commissioning at your site. If customer wants our representative to stay at site for additional days for supervision of pump during operation then charges as per our standards will be charged extra per day Our Scope includes.
  • Quality of Water, which use in equipment for application.
  • Suction Pressure up to 3 to 4 Bar is necessary.
  • Operative Points after Starting the Pump for 2 hours
  1. Customer has to sign a Commissioning Report after Successful Commissioning.
  2. Basic tools and tackles like Spanners, Allen key etc. should be provided from the customer’s end. Our engineer / technician will accompany only special tools, if required.
  3. Commissioning will be offered only for one-time. In any case, if client require technician for more than once, every visit will be on chargeable basis only.It will be customer’s responsibility to arrange their staff for training during commissioning.
  4. If any extra requirements of spares or accessories arise during the time of commissioning, it will not be considered as a part of commissioning. It is mandatory to order those requirements separately.
  5. For any additional / future requirement of Spares or Services, the customer should call only on 8000992352 and send an e-mail to our service team at