Various media flow through the containers, leads, tanks or reactors used in industrial processes and put them under pressure. For smooth processes, it is important to test them after production or during maintenance phases. The hydrostatic pressure test subjects the specimens to tightness and strength tests at pressures of up to 1400 bar.

Common applications of pressure testing

Pump units from TRII-PLEX JETTECH support the different variants of the pressure test. Thanks to pump capacities of up to 1400 bar and a huge range of pumps, the test pump units from TRII-PLEX JETTECH are extremely versatile. Even customer-specific requirements can be met easily. Typical applications are the testing of containers, pipelines or valves for leak tightness and strength in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. The pressure test should ensure the process and prevent the leakage of media.

Different drives of the test pump units are possible for the different applications. The pumps can be powered by squirrel cage motors or diesel and petrol combustion engines. Manually operated test pumps are also available.