The following verbalization is intended to avail our customers in understanding the terms of our warranty, the circumstances under which we will accolade claims, and the procedure for making such claims.

Trii-plex Jettech Systems warrants each pump for defect(s) in material or workmanship for a period of Twelve (12) months or 1000 Working hour whichever comes first, from the date of shipment. In addition,

Trii-plex Jettech Systems warrants all non-wear parts like Pump Head,  (pump manifolds, Liquid End), main body, bearing cover, back plate, connecting rod etc. to be free from defect(s) in material and workmanship and from damage. Liability under this warranty is on all non-wear parts and limited to the repair or replacement of any pump returned to Trii-plex Jettech Systems, which upon inspection, is judged to be defective due to workmanship, material failure or any other reason.

However, the responsibility for product application decisions shall rest with the customer. Trii-plex Jettech disclaims and denies any liability for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damage, which may be suffered as a result of sale, delivery, servicing, and use, loss of any product, downtime, labour, freight or other charges not expressly included herein. The only liability and the total liability of Trii-plex Jettech are expressly limited to the repair or replacement. The following are the important contents of Trii-plex Jettech “Warranty Policy”

  1. Normal wear & tear to parts like, Nozzles, Ceramic plungers, plunger seal, main bearings, white metal bearings, Rubber Items (O rings, oil seals, Flexible Lance & Rubber Hose) NRV set , crankshaft etc. Such parts are not covered under standard warranty. We assure full co-operation and may supply such spares at “no profit no loss” basis.
  2. Defects caused by the fault or un-awareness of the buyer or third party.
  3. Use of unauthorized Spare parts or Other Branded Parts.
  4. Extra Modifications made by the customer.
  5. Freight damage: Trii-plex Jettech does not extend the warranty against the freight damage. Therefore, it is advised to insure the goods during, transit due to mishandling by transporters.
  6. Damage caused by misuse, wrong application or lack of technical knowhow.
  7. Normal Wear & Tear Parts which constantly running.
  8. Freight for return, if having any Technical prospects, Whole product shipped responsibility on customers end.
  9. Trii-plex Jettech cannot provide warranty on bought out accessories such as electric motor, Electric Control Panel, pressure gauge and rubber hose, Flexible Lance etc. which are not manufactured by Trii-plex Jettech However, We understands that, this is the right to customer to get warranty or guarantee period from OEM, We provide you the necessary original documents related to Bought out items.
  10. At the time of Repairing of the product while Warranty period, warranty applies only to the replacement part, it does not extend to the equipment or any other of its components.
  11. Trii-plex Jettech does not offer totally free repair or service at customer’s site. However, looking at customer’s genuine trouble, Trii-plex Jettech deputes Service Engineer or Service Technician on chargeable basis, subject to prepayment of Service Charge.
  12. Trii-plex Jettech strongly recommends deputing an end user or Q. C. Inspector from the company or consultant for the inspection of the equipment prior to dispatch.
    Trii-plex Jettech will also try its level best to provide Lodging, Boarding and pick up & drop service.
  13. In majority cases, following problems are not being arisen due to manufacturing defect or bad workmanship.
    1. Scratches on plunger or Leakage in Gland packing
    2. Low flow
    3. Pulsate flow
    4. Low pressure
    5. Vibration
  1. If required of Engineer for Installation, Commissioning or Maintenance, We can provide you the Engineer on little Chargeable Basis.
  2. If customer complains without reading / studying an Instruction manual and other knowledge material, which may not be possible to attend. We expect feedback and maximum information on the problem to attend the problem effectively / efficiently.


  1. To expedite the Return of material, please provide your Trii-plex Jettech invoice number available when you contact our sales department.
  2. Before returning product, please send your written request to sales@triiplexjettechsystems.com/ triiplexjettechsystems@gmail.com
  3. If the product is not received within 30 days, a new request to be sent.
  4. Freight for return, except for products shipped in error by Trii-plex Jettech Systems, is the customer’s responsibility.
  5. Trii-plex Jettech Systems will repair or replace products qualified as defective Trii-plex Jettech systems warranty.
  6. If you require immediate replacement for products submitted for warranty consideration, Trii-plex Jettech Systems will ship and invoice at current price. Standard warranty policy will apply to returned products.