In many areas, the efficient, environmentally friendly and gentle high-pressure water jet process is used to clean or remove residues. The blasting technique uses water and high pressure for applications such as de-varnishing, container cleaning or concrete refurbishment. Surface cleaning of, for example, road surfaces is quick and thorough.

TRII-PLEX JETTECH SYSTEMS offers a wide range (Up to 1400 Bar) of high-pressure plunger pumps, units, tools and accessories for this technology

Our services for your benefit 

  • Low maintenance and energy efficient pumps
  • Reliable and user-friendly tools
  • Low noise at work
  • Compact dimensions of the tools
  • Compliance with the latest emission standards
  • Low physical stress when using the tools
  • High removal rates in a short time
  • Individual solutions for different applications
  • Removal of residues of all kinds
  • Good cleaning performance due to high water pressure