The trigger Operated Gun is an essential part of an efficient cleaning systems. It saves power and water with the help of Unloader Valve.  

The Operated of gun is very simple . when the trigger is depressed ,it pushes a pin against the ball , forcing the ball out of its seating and opening a path for water to flow through the nozzle . When the trigger is release , again a spring returns the ball to its seating and the flow is again blocked .  


unloader valve

the gun,with the unloader valve, forms a valve system which gives the operator immediate contol of water flow. depressing the trigger allows water to flow out of the system through the nozzle under pressure . while releasing the trigger , it diverts water flow back to the pump. the pump ,however ,can be run for sometime. unloader operation is simple. when the trigger is depressed , a value in the gun opens and watermoves from the outlet side of the pump through the hose to the gun . when the trigger is released the valve closes and the unloader is activated by an increse in pressure .  

the unloader diverts the flow of water from the outlet side of the pump back to the inlet side , causing water to flow in a loop back tothe pump under virtually no pressure rather than to the nozzle under operating pressure. flow may be directed back to the pump inletor to a float tank or other type of reservoir .  

foot operated valve

this is almost trigger gun type accessory . normally used for tube cleaning application. where flexible lance is used . 

foamer with tank

this is another useful and time saving accessory for washing application , this sprays detergent along with the water as foam . it also has the provision to adjust the quantity of detergent through knob. the detergent is stored in the tank attached with the gun as shown in the picture . 

high pressure hose pipe

 Trii-plex Jettech Systems supplies high stength , lo weight erosion resistant hose pipe with swiveling end connection . 

safety valve

in the event of excess system pressure due to any reason , the security valve will open and will prevent any possible accident . 

this valve is also known as pressure relief valve,safety valve or pressure regulating valve . 

rigid lance

lances are used to maintain distance while cleaning . 

flexible lance

this is an important accessory for tube , pipe and sewer cleaning . they are available in different sizes and ratings 

pressure gauge

a device to monitor the pressure at which the system works . triiplex jettech systems supplies glycerine filled pressure gauge , hich is having very accurate pressure reading and very long life . 

suction strainer /filter

suction strainer doesn’t allow harmful tiny solid particles to come along with water . triiplex jettech systems has designed a one minute clean strainer . which is available in different mesh sizes . it needs only one minutes to be cleaned hen it is chocked up. triiplex jettech systems also supply large area filters for bigger pump. 

non return valve (external)

this nonreturn valve is being used for specific hydro test application.